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April 30, 2009

LOTD for April 30

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I spent the day wrestling with MATLAB and it appears that the new simulation is finally done and the results are *very* good! The final simulation is taking some time to run, so I did the LOTD early again.

Today from 3-7pm you can get a Free Iceberg™, Carvel’s newest blended treat. This is an 8 oz serving of your choice of soda blended with ice and vanilla flavoring, topped with a scoop of soft serve ice cream.

Australia is using thermal body scanners at airports to detect visitors who might have the swine flu:

Australia researchers have developed a better way to pasteurize food–instead of using preservatives or heat, they use high pressure, which preserves the taste and nutritional value:

Very interesting report from the US Embassy in Iraq. I agree with the conclusion that many of the people there could do their job just as effectively (and a lot more cheaply!) from the US, since they never leave the compound:

Flight control system software can control the flight of UAVs, even when they fly faster than the speed of sound. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a University press releases before where the PhD student was wearing a Benetton T-shirt, but it works for her:

Americans have a bad reputation for only learning English and not any other languages…it turns out that American programmers typically only learn one computer language, spending their entire career using that language. This article discusses how the US needs programmers to learn more languages:

Apple is building its own chip design team and they are aggressively hiring chip designers. That is great for the Silicon Valley job market, especially for people who will be laid off by other companies:

Motorola’s loss increased due to declining handset sales and they provided more information on their plans for Android-based phones, which they are hoping will get their market share back up:

As part their strategy to protect their workers from swine flu, Sprint suspended travel to Mexico:

Cablevision customers will get free 3 Mbps WiFi access in local areas–that is a great benefit! Cablevision is also going to offer the first 101 Mbps Internet Service, which is twice the speed as FiOS and $40 cheaper per month…Verizon cannot be happy about the competition with FiOS!

Two men tried to rob a 17-year-old girl, but she beat them up with her baton from marching band. An LA County Sheriff Deputy warns thieves: “The moral to this story is don’t mess with the marching band girls”:


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