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May 1, 2009

LOTD for May 1

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Computer simulation projects 1,700 cases of swine flu in the US four weeks from now in worst-case conditions:

I’m glad that they are distributing this new flu test to speed up flu detection:

Mercury flyby found that Mercury is more active than previously thought:

Top Pakistan General wants the US to stop using UAVs and troops to go after militants:

Lockheed has teamed with Raytheon to win a $4 billion missile defense contract from Turkey:

Report details how transnational organized crime threatens the US economy and national security:

UC San Diego students designed and built this electric racecar to help fuel the green auto movement:

Technique found to make concrete that can heals its cracks has been found…bacteria is the key to seal cracks in concrete and make concrete waterproof. Interesting how the key to preserving concrete could be to infect it with bacteria:

Verizon’s CEO said recently that he thought Sprint did not have the network capacity to handle the data that Boost (with its $50 unlimited calling plan) would put on its network, since Boost runs on the Nextel iDEN network instead of Sprint’s CDMA network. iDEN excels for push-to-talk users, but their users complained for years about delayed text messages, even before Boost added a huge load to the network:
Article link

Google and its Open Handset Alliance partners are being sued over the “Android” trademark:

Sprint and Boost admit that the frequent delays (hours to the next morning) for text messages have been a problem for Boost users:

Chrysler’s bankruptcy may be what gets them to finally offer fuel-efficient cars:

Michael Vick is in talks to become a spokesman for PETA, which would help his chances to return to the NFL. I never would have thought that Vick and PETA would work together!

Nintendo is offering a free video service for the Wii, with users having the option to transfer videos (and coupons) to the DSi:;title;5


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