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May 2, 2009

LOTD for May 2

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It is hard for me to believe that a 2-year-old is now a member of Mensa! Of course they let me in, so I can’t think that their standards are that high!

Link found between drinking hot tea and getting esophageal cancer–drinking “very hot” tea (above 158 degrees F) instead of a tea at a more normal temperature increases the cancer chances 8x:,0,2309950.story

I think that it is great that Sallie Mae is returning its offshore operations to the US, creating 2,000 IT and call center jobs over the next 18 months:

5-in-1 heart pill is doing well in tests and could make a big difference in people’s lives–not only would it save people money on health expenses, psychologically it is better for someone to have to take just 1 pill instead of 5:

Study found that crabs and lobsters do feel pain:

Study found that spanking makes consenting couples feel closer to each other:

I found this article fascinating,but I’m not sure if I (or even the people involved) am clear on the distinction between prostitution and those using seeking arrangement. I also have no idea why some man in Louisiana was sending long letters and $500 per month to a woman that he never met, just because she sent him her transcript showing that she was doing well in school:


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