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May 3, 2009

LOTD for May 3

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Excellent summary of the impact of UAVs:

Canadian pigs tested positive for the swine flu..and they apparently got it from a farmer who recently returned home from a trip to Mexico!

Interesting study found that one way to save money is to carry around $100 bills in your wallet:,8599,1887485,00.html

Research seems to indicate that Jon Stewart’s TV show (which is how many 18-to-29 year olds get their news) has harmed the Republican party with young voters:

Social scientists find that there is no apparent link between having children and happiness:

1-inch-long nail stuck in this Colorado man’s sinus cavity (possibly for 30 years!) came out of his nose when he coughed recently:

In the US, Barbie products are marketed primarily for girls 8 and younger (I’m glad we’ve kept my girls away from Barbie)…in China, the Barbie brand wasn’t known so Mattel has succeeded in marketing Barbie to young urban professional women–they have a lot of disposable income and seem to be buying into the Barbie brand as an idealized lifestyle:


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