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May 4, 2009

LOTD for May 4

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Preliminary studies found that the swine flu’s proteins result in the virus being weak and that it falls into the “comparatively benign” category of flu strains…but remember, the results are preliminary and the virus could mutate. Still, it is nice to read:

Startup Skyline Solar emerged from stealth mode after spending 8 months to go from prototype to product…the technology they introduced is said to be 10 to 50 times more efficient than today’s solar energy technology at a fraction of the cost:
Article link

Robot is being developed with artificial skin to investigate how robots can help children with autism learn about social interaction:

Former CIA Deputy Director says that the US is lazy about classification, where 95% of classified material shouldn’t be classified or should be classified at a lower level:

Iran launched airstrikes on Iraqi villages:

Terrorist incidents declined 19% in 2008, but incidents in Pakistan more than doubled. The big positive on the stats is the decline from al Qaeda in Iraq:

Dutch police are using a mni-helicopter to locate pot by its smell. They don’t need a warrant because they aren’t entering buildings–the helicopter takes air samples out of ventilator shafts and chimneys:

Only 10% of the pot grown in the Netherlands is sold legally in their coffee shops–the rest is sold illegally after being smuggled out of the country:

Verizon is planning to offer free WiFi (via Boingo) to its broadband subscribers:

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is being planned to help RIM push further into the consumer market:

The biggest selling smartphone during the first quarter of this year wasn’t the Storm or iPhone. The BlackBerry Curve was first, followed by the iPhone, Storm, Pearl, and the G1:
Press release

Palm plans to launch a mini-Pre (called “Pixie”) a few months after they release the Pre. The Pixie is geared for the lower-end of the market, with a price point of $99:

Nice tutorial explaining how to setup a BlackBerry to sync with Outlook…when I get a chance I’ll need to do this:

Supreme Court Justice Scalia said that it is silly that all pieces of information about a person (like their home address) be considered private, but he sure didn’t like it when a law professor had his class compile information about him that in theory he had said was fine to collect:

Google rents goats to mow their fields to reduce fire hazards. The rental costs about the same as using lawnmowers, and saves the gas the lawnmowers use and avoids the pollution from the lawnmowers:


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