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May 5, 2009

LOTD for May 5

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Japan is developing a vaccine for the swine flu:

Taliban tactician doesn’t seem that worried about Gen. Petraeus’ plans, though he does think that the UAV strikes have been effective:

For some unexplainable reason, when the Army needed to buy VIP helicopters for the President of Afghanistan they ignored the established companies in the business and instead gave a no-bid contract to an ambulance company from Slovakia. They had no prior track record with the US government and was unknown to the US Russian helicopter community. Not surprisingly, the helicopters needed to be overhauled (at US expense) when they were delivered:

This research group sure has big dreams for the gear that future soldiers would have available to them:

Report from the Department of Energy seems to indicate that the US lacks the tools needed to improve our power grid:

Armored car sales are booming in Brazil, where tax incentives make it affordable for their middle class citizens:

Super hydrophobia research advances may result in self-cleaning materials and robots that can walk on water:

It appears that wireless and broadband carriers will start offering WiFi access for free because the reduced churn more than makes up for the WiFi costs:

Article about the Windows XP mode that will be included in Windows 7 to try to convince people to upgrade:

After trying out the XP mode in Windows 7, this writer concluded that it will be a huge headache for IT departments, especially to all the bugs and glitches (Microsoft would probably call them “features”):

Four people were bitten by rattlesnakes over the weekend…people actually try to pet and kiss rattlesnakes?

An art student made this car “disappear” by painting it to merge with its surroundings:


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