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May 6, 2009

LOTD for May 6

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Article about US ships fighting off attacks by Somali pirates includes a video from one of the attacks:

Study found that watching two hours of TV per day doubles the chance a kid will get asthma:

San Diego is moving to a level 2 drought alert with restrictions on water use starting June 1:

I cannot understand how UC San Diego could make such a high-profile admissions error again! First they sent acceptance notices to *all* high school applicants, including the list of people that were actually rejected…now, they sent rejection notices to 607 transfer students they planned to accept!

This press release seems to indicate that Dell is making Android-based netbooks that will be available soon:
Press release

Dell now has WiMAX as an option on three of their higher-end laptops and they are considering adding an LTE option:

Article about Motorola’s Android-based smartphones that will be released this yeara:

Photo of Motorola’s first Android-based phone, which will be Verizon’s first Android-based phone!

NextWave just completed a reorganization of their management team:

Electronic Arts had 15% higher sales last year, but they still lost over $1 billion!;title;3

Florida family cannot live in their $1.2 million home because the Chinese-made drywall is blamed for their constant illnesses over the past year and the drywall is emitting vapors that smell like rotten eggs. There are homeowner complaints about the Chinese-made drywall in over a dozen states, but the bulk of the homes that used that material are in Florida:

Survey found that 73% of Moms feel that advertisers don’t really understand what it is like to be a Mom. The report states that Moms control 85% of household spending and are worth more than $2 trillion to US brands::

60% of people on Twitter abandon it within a month:

People in Michigan are getting very creative to make money…one woman got $1,000 for her hair that she had planned to donate, plasma donations, medical trials, etc. If hair is worth that much, I wonder if it is better to donate the hair to Locks of Love or to sell the hair and donate the money?


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