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May 8, 2009

LOTD for May 7

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We went to KFC today to use our free coupons and found out that they do not honor the coupons anymore! They just started a new thing where you can go to a KFC location to show your (now worthless coupon) and they will give you a form, and they will mail you an official coupon that will give you everything the original coupon offered *plus* a free soft drink:

Hackers broke into a Virginia state web site and deleted prescription drug records for more than 8 million patients! They replaced that site’s homepage with a ransom note demanding $10 million for the return of the records:

Report from the FAA states that US air traffic faces “serious harm” from cyber attackers…so, instead of hijacking planes, terrorists can just hack into computers (which they do already!) to cause a future crash. The FAA says that it is a matter of *when*, not *if*, serious harm will be done:

Article about how the only way to stop the proliferation of cyber-attacks against the US and Western powers is to raise the political and economic cost to China in order to make it in the interests of the government of China to stop the attacks.

Governmental red tape is preventing the removal of the Conflicker virus from important computerized medical devices:

Article about how a mutation with the swine flu made it able to spread itself more quickly among people than regular flu strains:

This would be an awesome way to generate green energy–solar/wind power to create hydrogen fuel!

The US is disputing the report from the Red Cross that airstrikes killed over 100 civilians in Afghanistan. The dead included a Red Crescent volunteer and 13 members of his family–the Red Cross would have good information on that volunteer, but what actually happened is unclear:

The Afghanistan war now costs the US more than the Iraq war:

The new defense budget and priorities has resulted in winners and losers among defense companies:

The budget for classified programs and activities is at its highest point, just over $50 billion:

It is interesting that it can be argued that Obama’s budget increases and decreases DoD spending:

Utah’s senators joined the push to try to save the F-22 stealth fighter:

iRobot got a $16.8 million order from PEO STRI as part of their $200 mil IDIQ contract:

This report points out that New England owns the military robotics market, with both iRobot and Foster-Miller there:

Article (and video) about the UC-SD undergrads who designed and built a robotic mouse for the IEEE MicroMouse competition. They have the first and only student built maze in the Western Region:

Researchers are putting the flu vaccine into the genetic makeup of corn, so pigs and people could get a flu vaccination simply by eating corn and corn products

Men who are overweight at age 18 have a 50% lower chance of getting married by their 30s and 40s. That stat is the case no matter how smart they are or how much money they make:

T-Mobile is offering Enterprise customers (those with more than 100 voice/data lines) to add unlimited WiFi calling with a BlackBerry for $10 per month:

Gartner says that mobile VoIP poses a big challenge to traditional mobile voice providers:

Microsoft will forbid VoIP applications in its App store for Windows Mobile, plus they will ban programs that change the phone’s default browser or let a user shop at a competing application store:

Alvarion says that there is no drop in interest in WiMAX, but a lack of financing is delaying WiMAX investments:{78DF3A58-0C74-4573-B4A3-0EDFE7C72588}&siteid=yhoof2

Reports says that Ultrawideband will be dead by 2013:

The Governor of California is openly wondering whether or not we should legalize pot and use the tax revenues from it to get California out of its financial hole:

Cell phone-only homes now outnumber landline-only homes in the US:


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