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May 8, 2009

LOTD for May 8

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El Pollo Loco will honor your KFC coupons on Mothers’ Day!

El Pollo Loco has a funny commercial about how they will take KFC’s coupon on Mothers’ Day…remember, KFC’s coupon was good for two weeks but did NOT work on Mothers’ Day:

Report states that rising shale gas production in the US and Canada could curb Russia’s plan to form a “gas trioka” of Russia, Iran, and Qatar:
Article link

Bioelectricity would deliver 80% more miles per acre than using the crops for ethanol, with twice the greenhouse gas offsets:

The US may be spending more on its top-secret military programs than any other country in the world spends on their entire military:

The Pentagon says that about 50 people, including at least 20 militants, were killed in the airstrike in Afghanistan this week, disputing Red Cross and Afghan reports that had much higher numbers. The Pentagon also says that the Taliban prevented some families from evacuating their houses, basically guaranteeing civilian casualties:

Report that projects the UAV market to go from $3.4 billion in 2007 to $55 billion in 2017:

Analysis about how secure the nukes in Pakistan are, especially considering that the Taliban control a province in Pakistan that is just 60 miles away from Pakistan’s capital:

DARPA is funding work to try to mathematically prove that the human mind is nothing more than parts and energy:

Obama’s choice for the Directorate for Science and Technology warned that the US should brace for a “bio-Katrina”:

Sandia Labs created a jumping (8 meters high) robot prototype and now DARPA is funding a company to create version of it for the military:

I’m glad that the prescription records in Virginia are backed up and secure, so that $10 million ransom demand from the hacker is less of a threat now…though the hacker’s threat to sell the personal information he obtained is still there:
Article link

The world’s first quantum cryptography computer network has been developed in China:

Large-area graphene using copper may have a big impact on the semiconductor industry, leading to faster computers and electronics:

Rumor is that when the new iPhone comes out next month, Apple will cut $10 off the lowest service plan for people who sign up. iPhone sales at Walmart have been low, and the price cut should help spur iPhone sales:

This article is for Eric–I cannot imagine a player that is more of a lock for UT’s 2011 recruiting class:


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