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May 9, 2009

LOTD for May 9

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Wow, 4 million KFC coupons were redeemed before they pulled the plug on the offer and went to the mail-in procedure!

It seems that the US is losing the PR battle over the air strike in Afghanistan–when the President of Afghanistan is telling the US to stop air strikes, this is clearly becoming a big issue:

Sony Ericsson’s President says that they could have a Sony Playstation phone in the future:

There is already a big problem with so many people in China having the same name or very similar names (just 100 last names cover 85% of China’s population, where there are 70,000 last names for 90% of the US population)…but the problem will get even worse now that the Chinese government is creating a standard list of names that can be used and will force over 60 million people in China to change their names or they cannot get an ID card:

Popular fishing spot Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg has had its name spelled wrong on signs for years without anyone noticing!
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Woman from Queens is suing one of her wedding guests who disrupted her wedding ceremony with a declaration that she slept with the groom. The bride says that she does not trust her husband anymore and so they cannot have kids together:

The Four Corners is a famous and popular tourist spot because it is supposed to be where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet (the only place in the US where 4 state boundaries come together)…unfortunately, the current monument is actually 2.5 miles west of where it should be and all of those tens of thousands of tourists and millions spent on the monument were at the wrong spot:

Bank robber stuffed the money he got into his pants…when the exploding dye hidden with the money went off, the robber had to be sent to the hospital for burns to his private area:

The US Bureau of Prisons allows prisoners to transfer themselves *unescorted* between one prison to another! The Bus companies have asked the prison system to stop doing that, but they refuse to stop it…even though at least 77 prisoners have escaped this way:

Trendy New York City restaurants have been caught dealing with the downturn by charging for butter, bread, and even tap water ($1) and ice ($2.50 to have ice in a drink!):

This restaurant owner responded to the article by justifying his restaurant’s $1 charge for tap water:

Woman didn’t want to go to her 10-year high school reunion, so she hired a stripper to go in her place, used an earpiece to instruct her on what to say, and made a documentary of it. Some of her classmates didn’t know about the deception until she posted a trailer for the documentary on YouTube!


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