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May 10, 2009

LOTD for May 10

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Researchers used a patient’s own stem cells to reverse type 1 diabetes…successfully treated patients no longer need insulin to control their blood sugar!,8599,1891122,00.html

Nice summary article about Twitter–I’m not surprised that some relationships are being hurt by people spending too much time on Twitter, since the same problem has occurred with every other online craze:

A hormonal imbalance brought on by giving birth apparently resulted in this woman developing an allergy to *water* (aquagenic urticaria)! A drop of water on her skin causes a painful burning rash. She can only drink Diet Coke and can only shower for 10 seconds once per week. There are 30 known people with this condition in the world:

Chinese researchers might have found a way for women to be able to produce more eggs, which could enable currently infertile women able to get pregnant:

Paraguay’s President (who was a bishop before being elected President and campaigned about being a moral force for change) has now been hit with *3* paternity suits for kids he allegedly had with three women when he was a bishop…he admitted paternity when the first woman came forward and now there are rumors that he fathered children with more than these three women:

Study found that how much people smile in old photos can predict their future success with marriage:

Study found that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables actually *increases* the chances for smokers to get colon cancer! Nonsmokers reduce their colon cancer chance by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, but smokers have the opposite result:

Judge in Saudi Arabia spoke at a seminar on domestic violence and said that it is OK for a man to slap his wife on the face if she spends too much money:

I think that it is really cool that astronomers are now able to find smaller planets, and that they have discovered a new class of planets called ocean planets that could be hospitable for life:

Study found that chewing gum raises math scores–teachers observed that those who chewed gum seemed to require fewer breaks, sustain attention longer and remain quieter. Research has demonstrated an increase in blood flow in the brain when chewing gum:

Study found that college students that use Facebook have GPAs that range a half point lower than those that avoid Facebook (3.0-3.5 for Facebook users, 3.5-4.0 for non-Facebook users). A Hofstra student says that it is “absurd” to relate GPA to Facebook because he spends an hour a day on Facebook and much longer than that playing Brick Breaker on his BlackBerry…he plays Brick Breaker for much more than an hour each day?,8599,1891111,00.html

Sitting or walking around during the first stage of labor instead of lying down results in an hour less in childbirth!

It is sad that the Happy Face spider in Hawaii is in danger of extinction:
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Excessive hairiness in women means that 70% to 80% of the time they have a hormone disorder called PCOS that is a major cause of fertility problems, or it could be caused by certain tumors and thyroid dysfunction…in any case, medical attention is recommended:

It was always interesting for me to read about people who lived through the recession and were extremely frugal and conservative with their money. Current economic conditions may be forming another similar generation–Americans in their 20s are more likely to save up for an item instead of just using credit, while only 42% of those 30 and older would save in advance:


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