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May 11, 2009

LOTD for May 11

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US soldier killed 5 US soldiers in a base in Iraq. The shootings happened outside of a stress clinic:

There is a huge PR battle going on right now over the use of UAVs in Pakistan and Afghanistan:

Discussion about whether or not the US should pledge not to strike first with nuclear weapons:

London transit authority is testing a satellite system that will monitor the speed of cars and will *slow down* a car that is going above the speed limit:–slowing-vehicle-going-fast.html

The Department of Homeland Security detailed how they will spend their stimulus money:

UC-Berkeley revealed that hackers broke into their health-services databases and were able to keep up the breach in computer security for SIX MONTHS. They think that the personal information for 160,000 people are impacted:

Security experts infiltrated a botnet, which gave them insight into making future filtering software more effective against spam:

Interesting study linked sleep with childhood obesity. 25% of kids who slept less than 10 hours per day where overweight by age 6, where only 15% of kids who slept 10 hours were overweight and 10% of kids who slept 11 hours were overweight. So, sleeping longer fights fat with kids!

Joe Biden sure is an active VP–involved in both foreign and domestic policy. With Obama needing to select a candidate for the Supreme Court, it helps to have a VP who is a former head of the Senate Judiciary Committee who chaired half a dozen Supreme Court confirmations:

Hawaii is trying to pass legislation that would enable it to join the other 22 states where sales tax is collected on internet purchases:,0,2886414.story

Pres. Obama says that health care reform could save the US over $2 trillion over the next decade and save the average family of four $2500 per year by year 5:

St. Louis woman found the scripts for the Twilight sequel and George Clooney’s upcoming movie Memoirs in a trash bin. She returned them to the studio and is invited to the movies’ premieres:

AT&T is buying some of the Alltel assets that Verizon has to sell for $2.35 billion. All of Alltel’s customers used CDMA, so it will cost AT&T about $400 million to convert those 1.5 million customers to their GSM-based network. AT&T bought Centennial for $944 million last November and Verizon is buying it from AT&T for $240 million now and will get those 120,000 customers:

Commentary about how the rumors over Apple buying Twitter are an example of all the untrained reporters with blogs and the pressure for everyone to publish 24/7 and be the first with rumors, no matter how weak their sources might be:

There is a big controversy over Facebook allowing Holocaust deniers to be on their network while banning breast feeding babies. Facebook already bans pro-KKK users, Nazis, and other groups, but so far hasn’t taken action on Holocaust deniers:

Louisiana man used a forged cashier’s check to buy 50 phones, and used an FBI office as the shipping address for the phones! It turned out that he wrote “cahier’s check”, which caused the phone company to contact the authorities, and the FBI caught the man when he tried to wave down the delivery truck outside the FBI to get the shipment of phones:

Fame sure has had a dark side for Michael Phelps:
Article link (not safe to read at work!)

42% of US consumers use their cell phones in restrooms, with 18 to 24 year olds 38% more likely to make calls and 66% more likely to send text messages while in the restroom than the average consumer:
Press release


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