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May 12, 2009

LOTD for May 12

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Free scoop of Haagen-Dazs ice cream today from 4-8pm. You should call the store closest to you to make sure they are participating:

It is pretty sad that there apparently were 23,000 people in Mexico infected with the swine flu before any announcement was made about it! The swine flu seems much more contagious than other versions of the flu–one person’s illness can be passed along to 73 others, one at a time!

It appears that each person who got the swine flu passed it on to about 1.5 other people, justifying the WHO’s pandemic characterization:

Most people who get the swine flu do not need any drugs to recover from it:

London company developed a personal air-purification system that could protect against epidemics:

This report that some young officers in Pakistan’s Army are turning to the Taliban is worrisome–reported incidents where Pakistan officers sabotaging work by the CIA in favor of the Taliban or al Qaeda:

The US Army is using the iTouch and iPhone to carry out operations in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Information on the DoD’s FY2010 budget, with helpful links for more information:

FY10 will be the first time that our Air Force buys more unmanned flying systems than manned ones. Interesting that Boeing took out its X-45C UCAV from storage and renamed it Phantom Ray, and it will be flight ready by the end of 2010. The X-45C was completed but never flew before they canceled its J-UCAS program in 2006:

The European Union is funding the development of a new generation of biometric scanners that would identify a person by their brain activity and heart beat:,3800010403,39429760,00.htm

The Somali pirates apparently have a network of informants around the world to help their operations, with some of their recent hijackings directed from London:

Material is being produced that is 100,000x heavier than water and more dense than the core of the Sun! Researchers are looking at deuterium to be an energy source of the future:
Article link

I think that this Oregon professor has a great idea and I hope that his Green Classroom Toolbox is able to improve the state of our often-ignored public school classrooms:

I think that it is great that Verizon significantly eased their data caps, and I hope AT&T and the other carriers are forced to match this:

Sony is going to try to raise $1 billion from the capital markets next month via corporate bonds, with a chunk of that money probably going to prop up Sony Ericsson:

This Washington Post column wonders how the newspaper industry can be saved. He mentions that the Washington Post is in talks with Google on a possible collaboration:

Two men thought they were peeing on an unoccupied car…until the owner of the car came out of the car and beat them up with a golf club:


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