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May 13, 2009

LOTD for May 13

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Update on the change with the UAV war in Pakistan and Afghanistan–instead of having the CIA control UAVs in Pakistan and the US military fighting in Afghanistan, the CIA’s UAVs will focus on al Qaeda and the US military’s UAVs (with Pakistan’s military involved for the first time) will be directed at the Taliban:

China has developed its own secure operating system to help protect its government computers from cyber attacks:

South Korea’s deal with Uzbekistan could provide a nice back-door way for the US to supply troops in Afghanistan:

The Coast Guard is requiring all US-flagged ships to have plans approved by the Coast Guard for combating terrorism and piracy if they go anywhere near when the Somali pirates are operating. The ships will be required to have a lookout for pirates:

MIT Lincoln Lab’s CTO has been selected to be the Director of Defense Research & Engineering (the military’s top science and technology executive position):

The Greek government has banned Google from expanding Google Street View to Greece:

Hong Kong researchers propose using transformation optics (advanced metamaterials) to generate a general illusion that can make any object seem like another object. This illusion device also enables people to see through walls!

Delaware expects to raise $50 million per year in tax dollars by legalizing sports gambling, which will help address their budget problems:

The FCC is now forcing landline companies to transfer phone numbers in just one day–my experience is that it could take a week in the recent past:

Cisco will be providing the core IP for Clearwire’s 16e products. Clearwire hopes that this helps them gain a foothold in businesses that are Cisco customers:

The top selling cell phone company in the world (Nokia) is going to put RFID chips in all of their phones to track the phones from assembly to recycling:

Samsung showed photos of two Android phones that they will be releasing this year:

Office worker cleaned out a refrigerator in a San Jose company…and the horrible smell from the rotten food sent 7 workers to the hospital and made others ill!


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