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May 14, 2009

LOTD for May 14

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There are now over 6,000 confirmed cases of the swine flu, in 33 countries and 45 US states:

It doesn’t appear that the swine flu vaccine will be ready for the next wave expected of the swine flu:

DARPA is funding work to try to get soldiers of the future to communicate via telepathy:

DARPA is funding initial-nav “smart-boot” technology, which could lead to devices that are smaller and more accurate than GPS nav systems:

Regina Dugan is rumored to be the choice to replace Tony Tether as DARPA chief:

After pushing for so long to get UAV surveillance information from the US, after requesting a number of Predator reconnaissance flights to support their operations in the border tribal areas, requests by Pakistan suddenly stopped last month:

Blackwater (Xe) had planned to make their anti-piracy ship available for contracts from ships wanting protection from Somali pirates. However, three lawsuits alleging verbal and physical harassment, racial discrimination, and false imprisonment seems to have stopped their counterpiracy business before it could get started:

Worries about how a massive earthquake in the Pacific Northwest means that Scoggins Dam at Henry Hagg Lake (in Oregon) may need to be raised, which will put a huge burden on their taxpayers:

Study found that ginger capsules can relieve the nausea caused by chemotherapy–this is huge because up to 70% of patients become nauseated after chemo and the ginger capsules are cheap and have no negative side effects. Expensive drugs such as Kytril prevent vomiting but aren’t as effective for nausea. Doctors also don’t understand why ginger relieves morning sickness during pregnancy:

New machine from North Carolina State makes an animal heart pump like a live human heart, allowing researchers to study tools and techniques for heart surgery without having to get live pigs and the permission to do medical tests on them. This machine can just use hearts from pork processing facilities, so no animals have to be harmed for heart research:

Study found that the amount of oil residue from natural petroleum seeps is 8 to 80x the amount of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez!

Hollywood and the software industry are trying to get international trade agreements passed that would result in the confiscation of laptops containing pirated software or music! They are also trying to get laws passed that would automatically sever the internet connection for people who download copyrighted material illegally…in France, anyone who makes 3 illegal downloads has their internet connection eliminated by a new law!

Verizon is selling subsidized HP netbook computers, with data terms MUCH better than what AT&T offers netbooks. Verizon increased the data cap to 250 MB for its $40 plan (AT&T only gives 5 MB for its $40 plan!) and charges just $0.10 per MB over the cap (AT&T charges $1 per MB over the cap):

It appears that AT&T is worried about its network capacity, which is why it has taken the controversial moves of banning the Slingplayer from its 3G network and capping network data usage to such a low bandwidth with high overage fees:

US Cellular just started a program that I hope every cellular carrier matches–if your US cellular phone’s battery is dead or dying, you can get a fully charged new replacement from US cellular!

Aruba is branching out into the $11 billion WAN edge market with its Virtual Branch Network solution:

Dish Network just added 30 HD channels today for Hawaii and Alaska…I’m seriously thinking of switching my parents to them:

Many Republicans are not happy that Cheney (with his 63% unfavorable rating) is taking such a public role in criticizing Obama’s policies and defending the Bush Administration’s record:

Startup is about to start selling custom insoles for shoes that have pressure sensors that relay their information wirelessly to a cell phone, enabling the wearer to see how much pressure he/she is applying to 11 different zones of each sole. Their technology has already been shown to be useful for competitive cyclists and golfers:


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