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May 15, 2009

LOTD for May 15

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US Navy captured Somali pirate mothership and detained 17 pirates that were attacking an Egyptian merchant ship:

Here is a video of the Navy capturing the pirate mothership:

Problems with their armored vehicles are endangering British troops in Afghanistan:

Winged submarine (kind of a flying underwater boat) is now available for sale or for “pilot” training classes. It actually is in the opening credits of the Star Trek movie in theaters now. I think that it is pretty neat that it has positive buoyancy…so, if you crash you end up going to the surface of the ocean:

I never realized that energy-hogging gas-compression refrigerators and air conditioners can account for 50% of the energy use in the US over the summer! Researchers are working on magnetic refrigeration, which uses a small motor instead of a compressor and would be 30% cheaper to manufacture and use significantly less energy for refrigerators and air conditioners:
Article link

Even though they Pres. Obama, DoE Secretary Chu, and Sen. Majority Leader Reid all want to kill the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, it is still getting about $200 million in 2010:

Researchers found a way to reduce methane emissions from cattle–cattle are a significant source of greenhouse gasses, so this could have a big benefit for the environment:

The front page headline story on my local paper was pretty catchy today: “Lose your job, get Pfizer’s Lipitor, Viagra and more free”

Report about how the fall in home prices in San Diego are at or near the bottom–I know that in my city the prices seem to have already started to creep upwards:

AT&T issued a press release touting that they have twice as many smartphone users than any other carrier (read: Verizon)…interesting that when they list their smartphones they mention the BlackBerry Bold and the Nokia E71x, but they do *not* mention the iPhone. If Verizon gets the iPhone, the smartphone user ratio will change significantly:

RIM (the makers of the BlackBerry, so they are not exactly unbiased) says that smartphones will beat out netbooks for their business customers:

HP had to recall 70,000 laptop batteries because they pose a fire hazard:

One Morehouse College student will not be able to attend their graduation ceremonies this weekend because he was shot three times and is still recovering. The guy who shot him is actually graduating from Morehouse College this weekend, part of a plea deal that I cannot understand–he got NO jail time, just 240 hours of community service, a $1000 fine, and he got to remain in college to get his degree. The prosecutor that gave him that deal resigned before he could be fired:

Junior in high school is horrified that a photo of her in the yearbook apparently shows her private parts–she admits that she didn’t wear underwear to the photo shoot for her club because she didn’t want pantie lines to show…now, she’s staying away from school and her Mom is demanding that all copies of the yearbook be recalled and new copies be printed. The school says that people are just seeing a shadow and not her private parts, but the Mom says that the facts aren’t important because the perception is what matters. Of course there is the matter of a 16-year-old going to school in a short dress with no underwear…

Girls hockey coach apparently picked up two of his 16-year-old players, gave them alcohol, and then had a sex party with the two girls. He left that high school and is now the hockey coach for 16 and under girls at one of the top hockey high schools in the country (Shattuck-St. Mary). The high school put him on leave and I’d be surprised if he ever coaches girl’s hockey again, especially since he admitted to police that he had sex with at least one of the 16-year-olds:

Two reporter’s had their cell phones ring during a White House press conference–the White House Press Secretary took the first phone away from the reporter and the second reporter left the room after his phone rang:

For Lori–Fox renewed Dollhouse!


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