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May 16, 2009

LOTD for May 16

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Wolfram Alpha finally went live last night–a website that handles so many things that we cannot compute with MATLAB or Mathematica. It will provide limited Mathematica capabilities for FREE online, compare the GDPs of different countries over time, compute bond and mortgage calculations, and much, much more:

Hackers have been so successful stealing credit card information that the glut has resulted in the black-market price dropping from $16 per number in mid-2007 to 50 cents per number now:

Drivecam is an interesting product for parents and companies–it records what is going on inside and outside a car and tracks speed, swerving, and hard breaking to rate a driver’s “safety skills”. Some insurance companies actually pick up the service fee for this service, allowing parents to lower the car insurance price for their kids:

This woman got a wonderful present for her birthday…she looked at the grassy hill outside her home and saw her named spelled out in daffodils! Her kids had planted 13,000 bulbs (they spent $4000 for the bulbs and countless hours planting them) the previous year and 19,000 bulbs total to create her present:

German man called the police to complain about his neighbors playing the same song over and over…it turned out that he had a musical greeting card stuck in his windowsill:

Canadian man was $10,000 in cash in a bank bag and forgot to close the zipper on the bag, so the wind blew the cash everywhere. Strangers came to his aid in tracking down the bills, going under cars and everywhere else…when he brought the money to the bank he found that EVERY bill was returned to him:

Colorado man was ticketed for riding a horse while drunk. Police tow the cars in drunk driving cases but had no idea of what to do with the horse in this case:

Kenyan women’s groups organized a one-week strike by the nation’s women to put pressure on their men to end the bickering by their two main political parties and fix their government. The Prime Minister’s wife supported the strike!


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