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May 19, 2009

LOTD for May 19

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iRobot has sold thousands of their 50-pound PackBot robots to the military, but under DARPA LANdroid they developed a 1-pound mini PackBot called the Ember. Great photos on this page, plus a nice summary of the specs:

The CIA’s director said that UAVs are the only way the US has to disrupt al Qaeda’s leadership:

Man attended an auction because his Mom (who was doing the catering) promised him a free bacon sandwich…and he ended up buying a Russian fighter jet!

London and Seoul are experimenting with new electric-powered public transportation–South Korea researchers are working on a technique to power vehicles on the go via induction strips on the road:
Article link

This cancer-treating pen has drug-coated nanodiamonds as its ink:

Minnesota has an online public high school that is free to all Minnesota residents under 20 years old. Teachers and students connect via a cloud computing infrastructure:

The web attack that fills Google search results with malicious links is spreading quickly:

Twitter will remain free, but they are looking at paid tools and services for businesses by the end of the year:

Motorola’s stock has more than doubled since March, with their management telling investors to ignore the fact that their handset sales are less than half of last year and instead believe that Motorola’s Android handsets will turn around their company:

Sprint will release the Palm Pre on June 6:

Sony Ericsson is continuing to lose money and it needs at least $135.5 million in funds to keep going:

28-year-old school board member with political aspirations lives in his parents basement and his Father called 911 after he got into an argument with his son over his son’s messy room. Calling 911 for that?


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