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May 20, 2009

LOTD for May 20

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Satellite images show that Pakistan may be ramping up its nuclear weapons capabilities:

It appears that Taliban forces are shooting at US troops with arms and ammo that the US gave to Afghanistan’s government forces. So, the Pentagon is indirectly the arms supplier for the Taliban? The GAO has been critical (as recently as 3 months ago) how the US didn’t account for thousands of rifles issued to Afghan security forces, and it has been proven that some of those weapons have been used to kill US soldiers:

Soldiers are increasingly using online dating services while being deployed in war zones:

Comprehensive modeling on the Earth’s climate found that global warming will be at least twice as severe as estimated six years ago:

DoE researchers found a way to turn plants into a renewable, nonpolluting replacement for crude oil in the creation of plastic:

Researchers found that lasers, nanotubes, and MRI can be used to incinerate cancer cells without damaging healthy cells nearby:

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The government of the Philippines is planning to impose a tax on text messages of 5 centavo (about 1 US cent) per text, which is more than what it currently costs to send text messages in the Philippines on many SMS plans!

This analyst discusses the rumors about AT&T possibly buying Leap Wireless:

Google is paying for its first TV commercial–they are having a big push for their Chrome browser:

Pepsi sees an opportunity to fill the void caused by the decline of newspapers:

Pepsi is looking to hire people with journalism experience (a lot of journalists have been let go lately!) to cover Internet Week events:

For Lori–Was “No Boundaries” the worst American Idol coronation song ever?


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