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May 21, 2009

LOTD for May 21

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Robotic therapy shows promise for helping children with brain injuries and those with cerebral palsy:

Article about the Terminator-like walking robots being developed for the DoD:

The House hearing on the Osprey took just 5 minutes and consisted of both political parties sharply criticizing the Pentagon for “stonewalling” the review of the Osprey:

Instead of using just the three spatial dimensions for disc storage, researchers are looking to also use spectral (color) and polarization dimensions…this could result in storage devices 2000x current devices being available in as little as 5 years:

Article about how the GPS system is “close to breakdown”, based on a GAO report saying that some of the crucial GPS satellites could fail as early as next year:

The IRS is apparently lax about destroying sensitive tax documents–anyone looking in trash bins at the IRS can find a wealth of sensitive information that could be invaluable to identity thieves:

NTT DoCoMo is releasing a 3G handset that also can serve as a WiFi Access Point! That would eliminate my need for a home broadband connection, as the phone can serve 8 WiFi devices (6 if WiFi security is used):

Acer will release an Android-based phone this year:

I love this stand-up routine by Jimmy Kimmel at the ABC upfronts this week:

For Lori–there were less than 100 million votes for the American Idol finalists…and 38 million of those votes were from Arkansas!

The House Speaker for the State of Arkansas posted a twitter message last night and his wife, kid, and he accounted for more than 1,000 votes for Kris Allen. I’m sure that linking himself to Kris Allen won’t hurt his image with his voters…

For Lori–Kate from John and Kate Plus 8 really comes off looking bad in articles lately:


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