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May 22, 2009

LOTD for May 22

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The Department of Homeland Security will field tricorder-like tools that can monitor a patient’s medical condition from 40 feet away. Taking vital signs quickly could enable first responders to save lives:

The Pentagon is looking for hackers in high school and college:

ReconRobotics was given a $1.35 mil contract for 150 of their miniature throwable Recon Scout robots. Infantry or special ops units can throw the robots and assess hostile situations from a safe distance away:

DARPA is funding programs that will try to weaponize cyberattacks–having something that soldiers can carry around in their backpacks that will allow the non-specialist to use on the battlefield:

The “drivers” of the Mars rover Opportunity have discovered a wealth of information during their two-year exploration of Victoria Crater, including finding supporting evidence that water flowed once on the surface of Mars. Great photo of Victoria Crater in the article:

Shipping executive testified before Congress that the US should have armed federal security personnel to protect ships going through pirate-infested waters:

75-ton robot will be used to dismantle a nuclear reactor in the UK:

The BlackBerry Storm 2 is apparently being released next month from Verizon:

Nice summary of the battle between the state attorney generals and Craigslist over adult ads:

New Zealand couple asked their bank for a $6300 loan and the bank accidentally put $6.3 million in their account instead! Instead of telling the bank about the error, the couple transferred the bulk of the money to an offshore account and fled the country. They are now on a wanted list for Interpol, and Interpol sent an investigator to China because that is where the couple is believed to be hiding:

A woman that was caught shoplifting used her 2-month-old nephew as a weapon to get away…TWICE throwing the tiny baby at people who tried to stop her from getting away!

More than just the athletes are training for the Winter Olympics (February in Vancouver)–a Canadian agency has already begun training Vancouver’s prostitutes:

LOTD ready Jason sent me this funny comic that relates to many of the links I post here:


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