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May 27, 2009

LOTD for May 27

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New York’s new broadband network could be model for first responders. I heard a talk from a Northrop executive at the Next-Generation Radio Communications Conference two years ago and was impressed, and I’m glad that Northrop’s network is doing a good job for New York:

Pres. Obama highlighted the huge solar array (72,000 solar panels, 30 million kW/h per year!) at Nellis Air Force Base. The DoD has a lot of other alternative energy projects planned, including a 500-megawatt solar array at Fort Irwin:

DARPA’s Transformer vehicle program is looking to develop a “proper flying car”, which can fly for up to 2 hours on a take of fuel and be operated by a typical soldier who doesn’t have pilot training:

A humanoid robot with a realistic head and a figure of a young Japanese female has been developed that moves like a human and responds to speech. The robot will be used by Japan’s entertainment industry (for example, it models clothes during fashion shows) and as a human simulator for evaluation of devices:

Wings that waggle could cut airline fuel bills and emissions by 20% by dramatically reducing in-flight drag, using the Helmholtz resonance principle:

Article about how Sotomayor’s nomination united Hispanics yesterday:

The Australian government planned to make a law requiring the use of their firewall for all Internet users in their country…however, protests might have changed those plans because the blacklist was leaked and people found out that the firewall was going to block poker sites, Wikipedia pages, religious sites, and even business sites:

The good news for Sprint is that the Kindle provided the majority of their new subscribers…the bad news is that they get only $2 per month in revenue from Kindle subscribers while they get $56 per month for their average postpaid subscriber:

Nebraska man wore a Bud Light box as a mask when he stole 9 packs of cigarettes:

For Lori–Did AT&T break American Idol’s rules to help Kris Allen win? Providing free phones with free text messaging to gatherings of Kris Allen fans in Arkansas and showing them how to send *10* text messages by pressing just one button breaks several American Idol rules…and they apparently did not provide this help to Adam Lambert fans:


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