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May 28, 2009

LOTD May 28

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The Air Force is wary of having the next-generation bomber be pilotless:

Hardin, Montana built a $27 million prison facility two years ago to revitalize their economy…but it has remained empty ever since it was built (no crime surge in Montna to fill their prison). So, they are asking to house the Gitmo prisoners…with Montana’s senators objecting:

Analysis about the broad R&D agreement that the US and Japan finalized with apan over nuclear-based energy R&D:
Article link

Lax IT access control makes the TSA’s financial information vulnerable. They don’t even check privileges to make sure that people have the right level of access and they don’t check if people who quit or are fired are locked out of the system!

The US is not prepared for a strong solar storm, with a storm like the Carrington Event possibly taking out power to a large part of the US for months. That would cause a big shortage of water, food, fuel, communications, and so on:,2933,522260,00.html

Japanese scientists succeeded in engineering the birth of a transgenic marmoset baby–the monkey inherited his parents DNA and also a jellyfish gene that made his parents and him glow green under fluorescent light. This was the first time that parents were able to pass a genetically engineered trait to their offspring, and scientists hope to use this breakthrough approach to create animal models of neurological diseases:

Commentary criticizing how states (so far Hawaii, Oregon and Delaware) have been taking millions of dollars that were collected as 911 fees and transferring it to their general fund to balance their budgets:

Apple’s back-to-school sale gives FREE iTouches to students and teachers who buy a Mac, in addition to Apple’s education discount:

Report found that the iPhone is still driving customers to AT&T:;title

This consumer survey shows just that the iPhone has been a huge benefit to AT&T, but Verizon (helped by having the highest customer satisfaction rating and lowest dropped calls, far better than AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile) has been strong also:

Palm’s stock shot upwards with the news that Verizon will have the Palm Pre in the next 6 months or so. The article also mentions that Verizon will have the BlackBerry Storm 2 and some Android-based phones within the next 6 months. I thought that Sprint had the Pre as an exclusive until the end of the year?

Google said that there will be at least 18 Android phones on the market by the end of this year:

Hearse driver stopped for a beer and failed to deliver a body to the cemetery while the family waited, wondering why the body wasn’t delivered to the funeral:

The pressure sure seems to be getting to Susan Boyle. Considering how her life has changed ever since her first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, this is not too surprising:
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