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May 29, 2009

LOTD for May 29

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New lethal virus (this one comes from rodent viruses) has been identified in Africa–the virus has already killed 4 people. It apparently causes bleeding like the Ebola virus:

Study found that a 10% reduction in auto emissions would have a substantial impact on the health of Americans:

Pres. Obama made cybersecurity a top priority, elevating cybersecurity concerns to a top management priority for the U.S. government:

Homeland Security will scan the fingerprints of people leaving the US, starting with the airports in Atlanta and Detroit. They also are asking travelers to carry RF-enabled ID cards when crossing the US/Canada border:,homeland-security-to-scan-fingerprints-of-travellers-exiting-the-us.aspx

Homeland Security is asking science fiction writers to offer imaginative services in return for travel expenses only:

A prestigious University in Tokyo gave *free iPhones* to its students, and used its GPS to catch students who cut classes. Truants typically get others to sign in for them, but they don’t want to give their phones away since it has so much personal information (plus, nobody will be able to reach them then):

Article about how Qualcomm has created a new device category called “smartbook” that uses their Snapdragon chipset and is a cross between a netbook and a smartphone:
Article link

Article about how the Android platform could end up in all types of consumer devices…including TVs, washing machines, and digital picture frames:

Interesting that the Palm Pre is the first non-Apple device that can sync with iTunes and iPhoto and make them seem to think the Pre is an iPod. Palm dodged the questions about how Apple would feel about that…but I’m guessing some lawyers will be quite busy for Apple and Palm! Calling Apple “practically a monopolist” while showing that your device can trick Apple-run sites to think it is an iPod is really inviting a lawsuit…

Report says that wireless connectivity will be the main focus for car manufacturers by 2012. The report says that consumers will consider in-vehicle connectivity as important as safety and fuel efficiency by 2016…I can’t see data access in a car to be as important as safety and fuel efficiency, but maybe I’m just an old fogey:
Press release

Sprint will offer a tri-mode phone that has CDMA, WiFi, and WiMAX:


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