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May 30, 2009

LOTD for May 30

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For Lori–the Octo Mom signed a deal to star in a reality TV show:

Susan Boyle came in second in the finale of Britain’s Got Talent tonight:

For the first time in the company’s history, spending on Visa debit cards has exceeded spending on Visa credit cards. Debit transactions were 70% of Visa’s transactions during the period. Consumers are increasingly preferring debit cards at places where cash and checks were the preferred way to pay:

Emily was the most popular baby girl name in the US for 12 years, but Emma ended the streak in 2008. Jacob was the most popular baby boy name in the US last year, the 10th straight year. Barack and Miley moved up the charts, with Barack jumping a record 10,126 spots:

I think that it is great that starting July 4 people will get to walk up their stairs to get to the crown of the Statue of Liberty:

It is shameful that the Members of Parliment in the UK have been abusing the system and getting repayments (and overcharging for things) for regular expenses. Because renovating their home is paid for by the taxpayers, some shameless elected officials have run a property racket–buying homes, spending taxpayer money to renovate them, and then selling the homes for big profits:

Pilot of the Continental plane that crashed into a Buffalo home (everyone on the plane died, 50 total dead) flirted with his co-pilot as the plane was landing and he was never properly trained on the plane’s anti-stall stick-pusher…so, he yanked the stick back instead of pulling it forward to save the plane. He also had failed *five* flight exams before the fatal crash!

Both the pilot and co-pilot were not monitoring the flight instruments before the crash and the head of pilot training for the company the pilot worked for said that they could have recovered from the stall if they had operated properly:


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