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May 31, 2009

LOTD for May 31

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Susan Boyle suffered an emotional breakdown after not winning Britain’s Got Talent and paramedics came to her hotel room and took her to a hospital:

Texas won a record-setting 25 inning game yesterday. It is good that they were the only undefeated team left in the regional so they can play less games and rest a little…even if they lose tonight’s game against Army (which will probably happen–Army should beat a tired Boston College team in the afternoon and beat a tired Texas team tonight), they still can win tomorrow’s game to advance:

That Buffalo flight that crashed (see yesterday’s LOTD) had a sleep-deprived pilot who lied about his flight record (and the airlines didn’t check his record–they could have easily found out about his flunked certification tests) and a co-pilot who was sleep-deprived and earned just $16,000 per year. How qualified are their co-pilots when truck drivers can make 3x that salary?

The recession has resulted in a lot of US high school students choosing to go to Canadian Universities because they are a lot cheaper:

Three senior Spanish Army officers (including a General) were sentence to prison for knowingly misidentifying bodies of peacekeepers returning from Afghanistan. Three three officers falsified official documents and randomly assigned the identities of 30 bodies!

“Take our daughters and sons to work day” went horribly bad at these Florida prisons when more than 40 children (as young as 5 years old!) were shocked with stun guns! Three employees were fired and two others resigned:

This Dallas woman’s 11-month-old twins got a DNA test and they found that twins had different fathers! This is a rare case of heteropaternal superfecundation. She admitted having an affair and her fiance says that he’ll stay with her and raise both twins as his sons:

Dry Fly Distilling (in Spokane) gets volunteers on Saturdays who work 3-hour shifts bottling and packing their products for shipping. The volunteers are not paid, but they get a free lunch and 3 or 4 small shots of gin or vodka. They don’t advertise this at all but they get a LOT of volunteers to show up for some reason…they now have to use a sign-up list, and they filled their volunteer needs for this year already:

Boston man was pulled over for driving to endanger because he was all over the road…because he was eating a bowl of cereal while driving:

Belgian bodybuilding championship was canceled when ALL 20 bodybuilders ran away when officials unexpectedly showed up to do steroids testing:


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