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June 1, 2009


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Anti-American hacking group broke into at least two sensitive US Army servers, apparently exploiting a security vulnerability in Microsoft’s SQL Server database:

The Army is looking for portable wind-powered generators–a great idea since hauling fuel to remote bases puts troops in jeopardy and costs as much as $400 per gallon!

Pakistani local residents and Taliban militants say that tribesmen are being paid to plant electronic devices near militant safehouses, which CIA UAVs then bomb:

Ultrafast laser can make a light bulb as bright as a 100-watt bulb while consuming less electricity than a 60-watt bulb while being cheaper and having a more pleasant light than a fluorescent bulb:

More than half of seniors 65 and older suffer from chronic sleep disturbances, believed to be caused by the disruption of the body’s circadian rhythms. RPI researchers have demonstrated a goggle-like device that delivers blue light directly to the eyes to improve sleep quality in older adults:

Melting Greenland ice sheets may threaten the Northeast US, with sea levels rising up to 20 inches:

Dutch researchers have developed a portable device that can detect within minutes if someone is infected with a virus:

Australian researchers have created a robotic fish that can seek out and swim towards an object of interest, with the person remotely controlling the fish able to change the direction and speed of the fish:

Vassar researchers developed swimming robots that enable to study of evolution by acting out predator-prey encounters from 540 million years ago:

Former Nortel executives are trying to save the company from being torn apart and try to remain more or less under Canadian control. Keeping it under Canadian control is important to preserve the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits Nortel has earned over the years…if Nortel became an American company then it would lose those tax credits!

Samsung unveiled the world’s first *12* megapixel phone. It includes a lot of things for the camera including a dedicated camera power button for fast photo taking:
Press release

Interesting fight over open source “leeches” such as Southwest Airlines, Linksys, and Amazon who rely on open source software but do not contribute anything back to the community:

The $200 million investment Facebook got with from a Russian Internet investor gives the company a valuation of $10 billion. Microsoft’s investment in 2007 gave a valuation of $15 billion:
Article link

Wikipedia just banned the Church of Scientology from contributing to their site:

Parrot in New Zealand stole a Sottish man’s passport and escaped into the Fiordland rain forest. The replacement passport could take 6 weeks and cost the man $250:


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  1. France; both prices are identical. ,

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