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June 2, 2009

LOTD for June 2

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Medical researchers have used stem cells on a simple contact lens to restore sight to sufferers of blinding corneal disease, with sight significantly improved within weeks! The operation is simple, inexpensive and requires just a minimal hospital stay, so this could really change a lot of lives!

Scientists use high-energy particles from space to try to figure out how thunderstorms make lightning:

Low-power radio chip modeled on the human inner ear can enable wireless devices capable of receiving cell phone, Internet, radio and TV signals:
Article link

Extensive removal of crop residues for ethanol production may damage the soil and reduce its long-term productivity:
Article link

Some Sprint customers are already lining up for the Palm Pre, partially because of the rumor that each Sprint store will only get 4 Pre phones! Amazingly, this breaks the record that was set by the iPhone–iPhone lines started 100 hours early:

Report about how a Verizon deal could double iPhone sales, but it would hurt Apple’s margins because subsidies would be less if they weren’t exclusively with one carrier:

Acer will release their Android-based netbook in the 3rd quarter of this year. Acer said it is not abandoning Microsoft’s Windows operating system, but said Android will contribute “significantly” to the growth of the global netbook market:

Acer said that its Android-based smartphones will be released in the 4th quarter of this year:

The Garmin-Acer smartphone will be released no later than the 1st quarter of next year:

There are a lot of leaks about the new iPhone:

The Kroger grocery chain is giving free cell phone minutes to customers that use their grocery card:


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