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June 3, 2009

LOTD for June 3

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Pentagon report says that US forces made serious mistakes and violated US guidelines when ordering airstrikes that led to dozens of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, but Pentagon officials blame the Taliban for the loss of the innocents’ lives:

Studying the secrets to building a successful sandcastle has led to the revival of an ancient eco-friendly building technique–rammed earth is how they built parts of the Great Wall of China and it is growing in popularity as a sustainable building method:

New system could allow for much earlier monitoring of a fetus’s heartbeat. This is expected to be less expensive and easier to use than current technologies and could cut the rate of C-sections by helping rule out problems that might cause C-section to be used:

MySpace is declining while Facebook and Twittter are rising–Facebook had a 699% increase in user minutes in the past year while MySpace declined 31%!

There is a huge battle in the smart-grid space between WiMAX, WiFi, and commercial cellular technology proponents…with billions of stimulus money to fight over, this will be a fierce battle!

Verizon will open an App Store later this year:

A $99 iPhone may be coming next week!

AT&T is offering the industry’s first small business bundle–wireless, wired, and high speed Internet services bundled together starting under $100:

Microsoft has decided to not offer a Windows version for smartbooks, leaving the market to Android and Linux:

Marketers are buying TV ads through Google’s TV Ads program:


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