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June 5, 2009

LOTD for June 5

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Given water shortages throughout the world, this advance could be really important–scientists have found a way of obtaining drinking water from air humidity:

Vermont farmers switched the grain feed for cows to include more alfalfa and flaxseed instead of corn or soy, which cut methane output by 18% without affecting milk production. The key is that plants like alfalfa and flaxseed mimic the spring grasses that cows evolved to eat, unlike the corn or soy they had been fed. A dairy herder noticed that the cows are healthier, their coats are shinier, and their breath is sweet–important because cows have been belching out the greenhouse gas methane. Mainly through burping, a cow expels 200 to 400 pounds of methane a year:

Confidential US nuclear information was accidentally published on the US Government Printing Office’s web site. The 268-page document gives the addresses and specifications of US nuclear-weapons-related facilities, labs, reactors, research activities, and even told where our fuel for nuclear bombs in located! The Pentagon is concerned and one Senator called it “a virtual treasure map for terrorists.”:

It looks like the Osprey’s extremely hot exhaust can cause major problems–an Osprey was apparently damaged by a 5-acre fire that its exhaust started, and Osprey exhaust can warp the steel on ships:

The House passed an amendment that will limit the use of “strip-search” imaging at airports. Instead of passing everything through the full body imaging devices, now only people who fail the metal detector screening could be sent through the imaging devices, but they must be given the option for a pat-down search instead. Republicans led the fight against the amendment, but the sponsor of the amendment is a Republican from Utah that lobbied the Democrats to support his amendment:

Analysis about whether or not North Korea is trying to provoke a fight at sea:

Plug-in Prius is coming this year:

Steve Jobs is returning to work this month and the rumor is that he might be at Apple’s annual software developers’ conference next week in San Francisco:

AT&T may be getting HTC’s next Android based phone as a US-exclusive for the 6 months after it is released on June 24. The HTC hero comes in two configurations, one with a keyboard and one without:

Taiwanese OEM BenQ is planning to release Android-based smartphones and netbooks next year:

I thought that the whole purpose for netbooks to use Android was to save money…Acer just revealed that their Android-based netbooks will *also* have Windows on it! Instead of reducing the price of netbooks, Acer is going to try to market Android as a value-added feature to current netbooks:

Very interesting Q&A which covers all of the issues explaining why I think that the Chargers will be leaving San Diego soon:

Five Arizona police officers have been placed on leave because they might have flushed a fetus down a toilet. After getting a call about a miscarriage, four officers were instructed by another officer flush the 12-14 month 4-inch fetus rather than bring it to the hospital:


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