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June 7, 2009

LOTD for June 7

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Interesting study about how children who can delay gratification have greater success in their adult lives. The children could have 1 marshmallow right away or 2 if they could wait for the researcher to come back. The kids who could wait 15 minutes had SAT scores 210 higher than the kids who could only wait 30 seconds! The kids have been tracked over the past 40 years in the study and those that could delay gratification did better academically, had fewer behavioral problems, could save for retirement, etc. They also found a way ro train kids with a few mental tricks that enabled them to delay gratification. Thank you to Gunnar for sending me this article!

Study found that people that exercise to lose weight or prevent diabetes should avoid antioxidants like vitamins C and E. It turns out that the combination of those vitamins and exercise is bad, since exercise makes the muscle cells metabolize glucose and the vitamins short-circuit the body’s natural response to exercise:

Article about how so many baby’s end up with the same names:

It turns out that daydreams may actually be good for our brains, with a study finding that our brains are very active when we daydream, much more than when we do normal tasks:

Research found that women who have higher “emotional intelligence” have more satisfying sex:

Experts are very concerned about the possibility of bringing samples back from Mars, discussing the need for to prevent any contamination from Martian life that could create a global catastrophe:


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