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June 8, 2009

LOTD for June 8

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Giant inflatable tower could carry people to the edge of space without the need for a rocket, for research, tourism, telecommunications, or launching spacecraft. The tower could reach an altitude of over 12 miles high!

Pres. Obama wants to expedite 10 major projects under the stimulus package to create or save 600,000 jobs over the next 100 days:

Smart grid technology is moving forward quickly, with the $4.5 billion set aside for it in the stimulus package intensifying interest in this already hot area:
Article link

Another significant application for UAVs–catching drug smuggling ships and subs. Instead of having airplane crews pay attention for 20 hour shift in the air to spot drug ships and subs, UAVs can do that job for much longer, much cheaper, and with no lapse in concentration. This could really help in the battle against drug smugglers:,8599,1903305,00.html

Expert says that the UK is underestimating their swine flu infections because their hospitals aren’t testing patients with respiratory illnesses for the swine flu. If they don’t test for it, they sure won’t find out how many people have it!

Remember the facility in Syria that Israel bombed? Syria denied that it was being used for nuclear weapons work, until UN inspectors found uranium particles there. Now, the UN found more undeclared uranium at another site in Syria:,7340,L-3726884,00.html

UN report says that Iran has expanded their uranium enrichment with almost 5,000 centrifuges now operating, which makes it hard for the UN to keep track of their nuclear activity:

The NYPD is looking at ways to avoid friendly fire incidents like the one which led to a police officer’s death yesterday. However, what happens if criminals or hackers figure out how to monitor the RFID tags on each police officer?

Hackers claim to have broken into T-Mobile’s servers and stolen their subscriber data. The hackers report that they tried to sell the data to T-Mobile’s customers, but they were rejected so now they are trying to sell to the highest bidder:

More info about the T-Mobile hackers:

Too much talking on a cell phone can lead to a nerve problem, with doctors are calling “cell phone elbow”:

Article about how the Palm Pre sold out this weekend:

Concern over the limited availability of the Pre and the limited software applications available resulted in a drop in Palm’s stock today. Didn’t investors pay attention to all the news about how Palm would purposely limit the Pre’s availability at launch so that it would sell out? Now that the Pre sold out Palm’s stock dropped…would investors have preferred for customers to have rejected the Pre?

The iPhone 3G S really adds a lot of nice features to the iPhone:

Article about how AT&T is holding back the iPhone in the US–for example, the iPhone 3.0 supports tethering and MMS even though AT&T users won’t get to use them on their iPhones in the US:

The free open source Appcelerator Titanium platform will allow developers to develop applications that will work for BOTH Android and the iPhone!

Huawei Technologies and TeliaSonera announced the world’s first mobile broadband internet connection over a live commercial LTE network:

Intel is trying to help UQ Communications deploy mobile WiMAX service in Japan, with Intel Capital investing $43 million and Intel providing laptops with WiMAX embedded:

Japanese company Softbank is looking to use cell phones to stop pandemics. The way they plan to test this out seems strange to me–they want to give 1,000 elementary school kids GPS-equipped phones and have their locations recorded every minute of the day and stored on a central server. I seriously doubt that Americans would like the location every minute of the day stored on a central server…

Starting July 1, any computer sold in China is required to have a program installed that keeps the computer from visiting any site that the Chinese government doesn’t approve of. Last week the list of banned sites included Twitter, Bing, Flickr, and Hotmail:

I didn’t realize that Hamas had such a busy matchmaking service in Gaza:

I’ll bet that a lot of people can relate to this clip from Seinfeld about why he doesn’t have an iPhone or BlackBerry:


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