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June 9, 2009

LOTD for June 9

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Feature article about how drug cartels have built a fleet of semi-submarines to smuggle cocaine into the US. About a third of the cocaine smuggled into the US comes via the semi-submarines, which seems to indicate that terrorists could use these cheap systems to enter the US with dangerous cargo. The semi-subs can go 3,000 miles without refueling and carry 10 tons of cargo!

The US apparently released a militant who is said to be backed by Iran and is accused of having a leading role in the killing of 5 US soldiers, with the insurgent’s group releasing British hostages in return:

Oakland will apparently be issuing ID cards to illegal immigrants:,0,1333636.story

Florida fisherman caught an 8-foot-long missile in his longline and tied the missile to the top of his boat, keeping it there for the rest of the 14-day fishing trip. He brought the missile ashore and planned to keep the missile as a souvenir….but emergency officials called a bomb squad once he came ashore because it was a live air-to-air missile! He is very lucky that the missile didn’t kill him and others:

New chemical weapon discovered…from frogs in the Amazon. The family of poisons that those frogs use as a chemical defense doesn’t exist anywhere else in nature:

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and GE created a super efficient water heater that is 50% more efficient than standard water heaters. Water heating accounts for 12% of all home energy consumption, so this is a significant achievement. This is great for me because my house will need a new water heater soon–our current one is operating properly, but it is at the end of the warranty period so I’m expecting it to have to replace it sometime:

Study found that before students enter engineering schools they already have a stereotype of what an engineer should be from TV programs and other media. The stereotype is unfortunately counterproductive, like how students believe that if they cannot do a project alone they can’t consider themselves an expert engineer…even when they are assigned a group project and told to work with their group:

Even though Palm limited availability of the Pre at launch and Sprint stores across the country were sold out, the Pre still broke sales records for Sprint:

The Pre will apparently be available from Verizon in January:

This is a fairly positive review about Windows 7, though the flaws are glaring for XP Virtual Mode:,1&source=IFWNLE_nlt_daily_2009-06-09

The majority of companies in North American and Europe are still worried about open source security:

Adam Lambert came out in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. He admitted to having a crush on Kris Allen and said that he found it “distracting” when they were roommates while on the show:


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