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June 10, 2009

LOTD for June 10

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There is a new element in the periodic table! I remember having to memorize the periodic table in Physical Science class during my freshman year in high school…now they apparently have added 6 elements to the table, with the last one unknown:

Duke Engineering students figured out a way to take advantage of the accelerometers in cell phones to create an application that lets users write short notes in the air with their phone and have the message automatically sent to an e-mail address! I look forward to using this with my phone soon:

The Army ordered its bases to stop blocking Twitter, Facebook and Flickr:

DARPA has given $2 million per year for the past 5 years to New York City’s 140 year-old American Museum of Natural History…classic example of an earmark:

San Diego is the first area to use biometrics based immigration history information to identify and remove illegal aliens that are criminals. This prevents criminal aliens from being released back into the community without burdening law enforcement personnel:

E-mail spam has been reduced 15% ever since they shut down the Pricewart server a week ago:

Gartner reports that nearly half of US companies will reduce IT spending this year. The 4.7% average reduction will bring spending down to what it was in 2007. Most CIO were optimistic about the economy and plan to hire and increase IT spending in 2010:
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T-Mobile said that there is no proof that their customers have been harmed by the hack into their system…but their denial sure isn’t that strong:

With a study finding that 41% of consumers plan to get a smartphone as their next phone, this article discusses how smartphones are rapidly becoming a necessity for some people:

Qualcomm’s FLO TV service will begin on Friday:

Block text voting and block phone voting (how do they do that?) really seem to be an increasing problem with American Idol. With fan sites explaining how individuals can vote thousands of times per person for a contestant, the normal voter who calls in a few times is increasingly less important:

Travis County police officer tries to explain why he used a Taser on a driver he pulled over…but the video of the incident sure doesn’t back up what he claimed happened, especially when you consider that he tasered a 72-year-old grandmother!

No wonder there has been an increase in shark attack incidents in Australia…Google Maps shows just how close this shark is to the shore, extremely close to where the surfers are:

Israeli woman threw out an old mattress…and then found out that her mother’s $1 million life savings were hidden inside of that mattress!


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