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June 11, 2009

LOTD for June 11

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The World Health Organization declared the swine flu the first pandemic in 41 years:

UAV piloting is now a career path for the Air Force, which will allow non-flying officers (who could have been pilots but were prevented because of physical limitations like their eyesight or inability to handle the gyrations of aircraft) to be UAV operators. They are also having 10% of recent graduates from pilot schools to spend 3 years operating UAVs before they can go on to fly manned aircraft. This should address the shortage of UAV operators that has limited UAV availability:

The recent nuclear testing and missile launches by North Korea may result in Japan buying 60+ F-22s to counter the threat from North Korea. That would be great for Lockheed, Boeing and many others, especially since Japan would be paying 67% more than list price. If the F-22 wasn’t cost-effective for the US, Sen. Inouye’s arm twisting and worry about North Korea must really be effective for Japan to pay $250 million per F-22 when the US canceled its orders for $150 million per F-22:

Israel has developed a spying robot that can slither around through caves, tunnels, cracks and buildings while sending video and sound back to a soldier who controls it through a laptop computer. Because it can bend its joints and squeeze through very tight spaces, it is also going to be used to find people buried under collapsed buildings:

White supremacist planned to wipe out black people and other minorities with ricin, but UK Specialist police found his “bomb factory” and stopped him in time:

Despite the Army order, some bases are still blocking Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr:

Fujitsu achieved the world’s first impulse radiobased millimeter-band (70-100 GHz) transmission, with throughput greater than 10 Gbps:

This is a great sign for the economy, at least in the wireless area–Qualcomm raised its financial guidance for its 3rd quarter. TI recently raised their guidance also:
Press release

Qualcomm and Freescale are putting a big marketing push for smartbooks–with the expected 30 million netbook sales this year, triple last year’s netbook sales, they see a big market opportunity for this market. They like the netbook name but do not like that it is associated with Windows, so they are pushing the smartbook classification that emphasizes smartphone-like functionality. One big key to me is that smartbooks will cost around $200, which is much lower than the $350+ price of netbooks:

Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent want the “Buy American” provisions waived from the $7.2 billion stimulus program to expand broadband access because it would be “grossly inefficient”. They say that certain technologies are no longer made in the US:

Verizon says that all LTE devices on their network must support IPv6 (IPv4 addresses are rapidly running out):

Article about how it appears that AT&T will charge extra for tethering and MMS for the iPhone 3G S when they eventually get around to offering it…where pretty much the rest of the world will be getting both tethering and MMS when the iPhone 3S launches for no extra charge:

T-Mobile accidentally posted the secret iPhone 3G S hardware specifications–doubling the RAM of the original iPhone and increasing the processor speed nearly 50% should make a big difference:

Missouri family’s Christmas photo somehow ended up as a life-sized photo in a grocery window in Prague. The mother in the family had posted a high-resolution family photo to her blog and on social networking sites:


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