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June 12, 2009

LOTD for June 12

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The NSF director discussed how they will be spending their $3 billion in stimulus money (plus Pres. Obama is continuing with Pres. Bush’s plan to double NSF’s budget over a 10-year period)…as the President of a small business who has several proposals under review by NSF, I’m following this very closely!

With both of the main Presidential candidates in Iran declaring victory, the result of Iran’s election could have a big impact in the world. Mousavi said that he was definitely the winner, but Iran’s state-run news agency says that Ahmadinejad won:

It is great that we’ve gone through an entire month without the Somali pirates succeeding in hijacking a ship. Congratulations to everyone working together to avoid attacks and disrupt the attacks that have been made:

Study found that the swine flu has been circulating among pigs for many years and was transmitted to humans several months before the official recognition of the outbreak:

The brain-plug is going through human trials now. The brain-plug is supposed to enable users to control computers and machinery just by thinking, which could allow people who are paralyzed (their limbs still work in many cases but they are “disconnected” from the brain) to move their muscles again:

Pretty cool how next-generation robots are being built to be controlled by XBox 360 controllers. Not only is that much cheaper than the regular defense controllers, the soldiers prefer it because they are already accustomed to game controllers:

The Obama Administration yesterday announced more than $300 million in green energy funding:

The world’s first large-scale floating wind turbine was installed–at a water depth of about 700 feet. It will generate about 2.3 MW from its three 269-foot blades:

Mathematical problem solved after more than 50 years of stumping mathematicians concerning the relation between flexible and rigid properties of geometric objects:

Study surprisingly found that our fingerprints do not help us grip things:
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Huawei is fighting back against claims that their equipment includes some spying capabilities for the Chinese government:

This will have a MAJOR impact on businesses and employees–the IRS is looking at taxing cell phones given to employees, classifying it as a fringe benefit. Having to keep a log of which calls were for business and which were personal calls would make things quite burdensome:

Teen diagnoses her own medical problem by examining her own tissue in her AP science class:

Yellow lobster was caught recently, that rare mutation happens in 1 out of 30 million lobsters:


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