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June 13, 2009

LOTD for June 13

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Thousands of Iranians are protesting the results of the election in Iran, and it is possible that the candidate that challenged the incumbent President might have been arrested. The Universities are closed, and text messaging, Facebook and Twitter access has been blocked:

Analysis about how investing in high-speed fiber internet infrastructure would be a good way for the US to stimulate the economy for now and prepare for the future. Many other countries are apparently passing the US in high speed fiber access:

This theory might explain why the Neanderthals disappeared…modern humans ate them!

This seems like a simple way to combat global warming–paint our roofs, roads, and pavements white. Lightening the color to the color of cement would be the equivalent of eliminating all pollution from cars for 11 years! It also would reduce the need for air conditioning, which would eliminate even more emissions:

Japanese scientists might have found the gene responsible for hair loss, possibly leading the way to a cure for balding:

4,000-year-old skeleton found in India shows signs of leprosy and may help researchers figure out how leprosy originated:

Geneticist may have found the genetic basis for the bearded lady, finding that is a particular chromosome is altered it could cause excessive hair growth:


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