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June 15, 2009

LOTD for June 15

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The world’s first solar aircraft that can fly day and night without refueling will be unveiled later this month. They are looking to do 36-hour flights without refueling by next year and flying around the world with their solar-powered aircraft around 2012:

Interesting article about the 15-year program to design the next-generation for the Navy’s aircraft carriers. It really is kind of like building a 3D jigsaw puzzle for 15 years, with everything going through computer simulations (they even simulate the time it takes for crew members to eat):

Study found that the Wii can help treat symptoms of Parkinson’s disease–participants showed significant improvements in rigidity, movement, fine motor skills and energy levels…and most of them had their depression level decreased to zero!

New x-ray imaging technique could provide for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Until now the micrometer plaques were too small to find via x-rays and CT techniques could not distinguish between the plaques and other soft tissues such as cartilage or blood vessels. This x-ray technique could even get better resolution than MRIs:

Scientists developed an artificial nose that can detect kidney problems in its earliest and most treatable stages:

The Chinese government is using software stolen from Solid Oak Software (from Santa Barbara) in their web filtering software they are requiring for all computers sold in China. The Chinese filtering code includes a 2004 Solid Oak news bulletin! The software also has serious security vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to hijack PCs running the Chinese software:

Israel was under a massive cyberattack in January, with suspicions now that it was conducted by Russian hackers who were paid by Hamas or Hezbollah:

The Canadian government has apparently been ignoring the group that is trying to save Nortel, so far not delaying the break up of Nortel to enable the group to raise the funds needed:

The IRS is defending its proposal to tax employer-provided cell phones as a benefit. Employees would be taxed on 25% of the value of their provided cell phone and service. Having 25% of the work cell phone expense be subject to income and payroll tax withholding would really be a shock to employees if this starts up without much notice:

Yahoo hired their new CFO from Altera–the CFO is a specialist in cost-cutting and I would expect this means that there will be a lot more layoffs ata Yahoo soon:
Article link

Microsoft will sell Windows 7 without IE in Europe:
Article link

To save money, Microsoft will no longer pay for its employees’ data service plans anymore unless they use Windows Mobile phones. I’m surprised that they were paying for their employees to use iPhones and BlackBerrys!

The free WiFi provided for Cablevision’s cable modem customers has proven to be extremely popular–I hope that other broadband providers follow this model to retain customers!

Intel’s next-generation Atom chips are not much faster than current Atom chips, but they are much cheaper and use less power:

AT&T stores are sold out of pre-orders for the iPhone 3G S:

This columnist thinks that the NY Post headline about Google’s reaction to Bing was over-the-top:

The Prius will enable consumers to promote their favorite causes via Gas Station TV:

9% of US consumers have sent a text message to break up with someone or cancel a date. 1% of those surveyed sent text messages to propose marriage, 1% sent a text message to tell their man that they were pregnant, and 3 people surveyed in the last month sent a text message asking their spouse for a divorce:,859948.shtml

Website and rally is trying to get David Letterman fired for the jokes he made about Palin and her daughter last week:


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