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June 16, 2009

LOTD for June 16

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Iran has really clamped down on the media after the huge election protests yesterday:

Sen. Burris (the guy appointed by Illinois’ ex-governor to take Obama’s seat) somehow got on the Armed Services Committee and was shocked to find out during a meeting last week that the Defense Department had research labs!

Slower, simpler, and cheaper planes (packed with weapons and surveillance equipment) are getting the Pentagon’s attention at the Paris Air Show. A modified crop duster could be better suited for fighting insurgents than a latest fighter jet…and a lot cheaper!

Defense contractors are looking at cybersecurity for growth, with the Obama administration’s emphasis on cybersecurity in the defense budget and in the general federal budget:

Robotic ferret will detect hidden drugs, weapons, and humans in cargo containers:
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Australia has had a huge increase in biometrics usage, including facial recognition and voice recognition being implemented by their banks:

Study found that kites flying over big cities (the population centers in the Eastern US and East Asia seem to have the best wind patterns) could be major sources of wind power. Cities in tropical areas don’t get the jet streams that can provide huge amounts of wind power:

Study found that most people could not find where the heart was on a body diagram!

UK households are going to have a new tax imposed on their phone lines and the people who download copyrighted will have their broadband access throttled:

LTE will be deployed by at least 12 wireless operators next year, with a forecast of 34 million LTE users worldwide by 2011:

RIM will release the BlackBerry Tour on both Verizon and Sprint in the US:

Microsoft’s new policy will make it very expensive for companies who are still using XP to get to Windows 7:

I didn’t realize that all the Big 10 and SEC teams received more TV money than Notre Dame…the TV rights situation really has changed over the past decade:

Customer spent the night locked in a Massachusetts bar bathroom, but told police (bar workers called police in the morning because they thought that someone was breaking into the bar) in the morning that he was comfortable and he paid his bar tab before leaving:


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