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June 18, 2009

LOTD from June 17

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Analyst report on how the large defense contractors are buying up companies in the hot UAV area:

Israel will have their flying jeep ready in two months:

MIT engineers have found a way to slow the degradation of concrete. This could be really significant–for example, a nuclear waste containment vessel using today’s concrete is built to last 100 years, but using this new UHD concrete it could last up to 16,000 years!

Some criminals are using twitter news feeds about the Iran situation in order to plant malware on reader’s computers:

Article about the speculation over whether Dell will buy Palm:

Palm seems to be supportive of the group that is trying to hack its Pre phone, quite different than Apple’s relationship with iPhone hackers:

Instead of having the IRS go through with its plan to tax employees for their employer-provided cell phones, the Obama Administration is backing a repeal of the 1989 law behind that tax:

Amazon released the source code for its Kindle device, making it an interesting open-source platform:

15-year-old Iowa girl won a text-messaging contest (getting $50k and a new phone) just 8 months after she got her first cell phone…she sent 14,000 texts every month before this contest, now she’ll probably text even more. 250,000 tried out for the contest and only people 22-years-old or younger made the finals:


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