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June 22, 2009

LOTD for June 22

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The President of Egypt makes is clear that the threat from Iran is the reason for the arms sale increase in Middle East countries:

The Air Force is looking to get smaller UAVs that are more discriminating about their attacks, to minimize civilian casualties in places like Pakistan/Afghanistan:

Russia bought 12 UAVs for $53 million from Israel:

Georgia Tech is working on getting military robots to follow the rules of war, especially important if UAVs will shoot at targets without human control:

Using the seeds from a weed could cut jet fuel’s carbon emissions by 84%! This unique properties of the camelina oil could make this a far superior alternative to standard biofuels:
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Georgia researchers made a breakthrough for biological fuel cells that could power pacemakers, prosthetic limbs,and other small devices.:
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Reported swine flu cases jumped to 52,000 people with 231 dead, with the US having 21,449 cases with 87 deaths:

Jury sided with the RIAA and fined a woman nearly $2 million for downloaded 24 songs with her Kazaa account…about $80,000 per song!

Nortel is selling its CDMA and LTE assets to Nokia Siemens for $650 million. Nortel is the second largest provider of CDMA equipment in the world and has a promising LTE business–Nokia has no CDMA networks business and is getting a bargain on the price:

Apple sold over 1 million iPhone 3G S phones over the weekend:

Apple is giving $30 iTunes credits to people who buy iPhone 3G S phones in the first few days due to delays with the activation process:

T-Mobile will have their second Android-based phone in August, touting how the phone can be personalized by users:

Woman was seriously injured when they tried to put a sex toy on a saw…I don’t think that incorporating a saw in a sex act is ever a good idea…

I am really sad to find that 1/3 of US teenagers will use their cell phones to cheat in school and half of them use the Internet to cheat. That is a BAD sign for the future competitiveness of our country…


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