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June 24, 2009

LOTD for June 24

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Article analyzing why the UAV strike killed so many people yesterday. It appears that the Taliban commander targeted by the attack wasn’t there while some innocent villagers were:

Iran has successfully tested a radar-evading UAV:

Israel has been practicing their techniques for having their manned fighters shoot down UAVs. An F-16 shot down an Iranian-made Ababil air vehicle operated by Hezbollah during fighting on the Israeli-Lebanese border in 2006:

The parallel structure and computing power of graphics processing units in video game systems may be more efficient than a general-purposed CPU for a range of calculations important to defense applications:

Experiments at Sandia unexpectedly found that salt blocks can actually stretch under certain conditions:

US company has shipped the first batch (100,000 doses) of swine flu vaccine. They use caterpillar cells instead of needing a seed strain, which makes their vaccine creation process faster:

Article about the decline of MySpace, which is laying off 30% of its US workforce and 66% of its non-US workforce:

HP and Alcatel-Lucent have announced a 10 year alliance to transform communication networks into converged, next-generation infrastructures:

Sprint’s CFO says that the new iPhone hasn’t impacted Pre sales:

Verizon’s CEO seems to have chosen his words very carefully when he was asked about whether or not Verizon will get the iPhone or Android-based phones in the near future:

For Lori: The Oscars are doubling their best-picture nominees to 10:
Article link

For Lori: When the Jon & Kate Plus 8 shows resume on August 3, they will add Jon’s girlfriend to the show…I’m sure that will be very healthy for their young children to have everyone around them see their father’s girlfriend on TV:


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