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June 25, 2009

LOTD for June 25

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Update about how Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have an ocean beneath its icy surface, which means that it could have life now or in the past:

The Senate Armed Services Committee voted today to fully fund 7 F-22 Raptors for $1.75 billion and the House Armed Services Committee voted last week to fun 12 F-22 Raptors. This is despite the Pentagon and White House making clear that they do not want or need any more F-22s:

The White House said that it would veto more F-22 funding, if Congress tries to add funding over Pentagon objections:

Sodoku could revolutionize the world of genome sequencing and the field of medical genetics:
Article link

Interesting study found that disease prevention often costs more than it saves. Vaccinations for children, helping people quit smoking, and fluoride in the water are among the limited preventative steps that save money. However, disease prevention often improves the length and quality of life:

Windows is installing “surprise updates” without permission from users:
Article link

NPD found that more people who buy netbooks are dissatisfied than people who buy laptops. It appears that many people are buying a netbook as a laptop replacement–the mobility provided by netbooks is wasted when 60% of netbook users never take it out of their home:

AT&T signed a deal with satellite/cellular startup that will provide true nationwide coverage:
Article link

Boingo seems to have been awarded an extremely broad patent covering how clients on a mobile computing device accesses and logs onto carrier networks using wireless APs:,1000000567,10013038o-2000331761b,00.htm

17-year-old was upset about his cell phone bill, so he set fire to the business he owed money to:

Wallabies have been getting high on Tasmania’s legally grown opium poppy fields, hopping around in circles and trampling the crops:


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