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June 26, 2009

LOTD for June 26

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This 16-year-old girl stopped aging when she was 4-year-old, with doctors unable to figure out why. She is the size of an infant with a mental capacity of a toddler, looking like a 6-month-old child. Researchers are trying to figure out why her body is immune to the growth hormone:

Iranian cleric, a member of the powerful Assembly of Experts, say that tho leaders of the protests to the Iranian election results should be executed:

The Manas Air Base (a key supply hub for Afghanistan) will still be open for US troops to use…the Kyrgyzstan government changed their mind after getting the $$$ they were looking for:

Classified information about big defense contracts between the Pentagon, DHS, and Northrop was obtained by a group of Canadian journalism student–they bought it for $40 in Ghana. Northrop asked for the hard drive but the students refused:

The Russians launched an Iranian spy satellite in 2005, but they do not appear willing to launch another despite Iran’s interest in another spy satellite launch:

US Customs and Border Patrol is testing Predator UAVs to monitor the US/Canada border:

The Allies tested unique weapons during World War II, including a cloud of sewing needles tipped with mustard gas that would poison and kill enemy troops without damaging buildings or equipment:

Invisibility cloak could hide buildings from earthquakes–the “earthquake cloak” would enable the buildings to avoid the effects of a major earthquake:

IBM researcher solved a longstanding cryptography problem, finding a method that allows for the processing of encrypted data without needed to know its content:

Remote-controlled glider hit 392 mph!

Tiny virus-sized capsules can deliver drugs and other materials with almost 100% efficiency to targeted cells in the bloodstream:

Nanoparticle can penetrate a bacterial-produced film on prosthetics and kill the bacteria, eliminating a bacterial infection on an implanted prosthetic device:

Researchers have found that they can get a stream of sand to behave like water:

IBM has allocated $100 million for research in mobile communications:

Analyst says that Nokia will sell an Android-based netbook in 2010, selling it through cellular carriers:

Analyst doesn’t think that it is a great idea that Microsoft is trying to charge $120 for XP users to upgrade to Windows 7…and that is per computer, a big disincentive for home users with multiple XP computers:

This columnist makes fun of Microsoft’s pricing for Windows 7:
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