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June 29, 2009

LOTD for June 29

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The US expects an uptick in violence as it withdraws troops from Iraqi cities by tomorrow:

Discovery channel has a special about putting a dome over Houston if environmental problems worsen:

Next-generation bullet proof vests will combine cement with recycled carbon fiber materials:

Minnesota company is recalling *two years* of food products because of possible salmonella contamination:

Study found that dolphin flippers behave like modern engineered aerofoils:
Article link

Land Warrior-equipped brigade is headed to Afghanistan:

Raytheon demonstrated a low-drag extremely small antenna solution for aircraft:

Airmen helped compile the stupidest rules in the Air Force:

DARPA wants a 19-inch supercomputer:

The airport screening company that just went out of business plans to sell their sensitive customer data, but at least the sale will be restricted to a company authorized by the TSA:

UK startup says that beamforming (instead of using omni antennas) can increase the data rate of cellular base stations by up to 10x while cutting electricity consumption in half. I actually showed similar throughput increase results in simulations 7+ years ago, so it is great if this technology finally gets to the market:

One reason why Nokia was able to buy Nortel’s CDMA and LTE business for just $650 million is that the sale *excludes* much of Nortel’s key LTE IP. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a bankrupt company selling off its business units while excluding the key IP for those business units!

Nortel’s creditors filed objections to the CDMA/LTE sale to Nokia, saying that the bidding process rules may prevent competing bids:

Sprint never got the BlackBerry Storm and in order to get the BlackBerry Tour the same time as Verizon, Sprint apparently promised a certain volume of sales and promised a big advertising push for the Tour. If Sprint is forced to spend a lot of money to get consumers to want to get the BlackBerry Tour and consumers realize that Verizon also has the phone, couldn’t that hurt Sprint?

Telecom firms back the agreement to standardize phone chargers for all data-enabled cell phones sold in Europe…it would be great to be able to use the same phone charger when we get a new phone:

If the economy forces families to cut back on spending, Americans will first cut back on their mobile data plans:

The “Buy American” requirement has been removed from the broadband stimulus funding:

It is great that a number of businesses are offering aid to those who lose their jobs in this economy. Kudos to Walgreens for offering free health-care services to families that suffer a job loss and have no health insurance:

Article questioning whether or not sealed-in batteries (the MacBook Pro is the first mainstream laptops to prevent battery swapping) is a good idea;


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