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June 30, 2009

LOTD for June 30

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Terrorists and insurgent groups around the world are apparently using smuggled cigarettes to finance their organizations and their missions. It costs just $100k to produce 10 million cigarettes in China, and they can get $2 million for the cigarettes in the US. It only cost al Qaeda about $500k to do 9/11, so huge cigarette profit margins are attractive to terrorist and militant groups:

The first case of swine flu that is resistant to Tamiflu was discovered in Denmark, but competing drug Relenza was able to kill off the swine flu. Since Tamiflu seems to be the US’s plan to deal with the swine flu, the possibility of a Tamiflu-resistant version of the swine flu could be very important:

Advanced ground penetrating radar will allow US border patrol to spot tunnels being dug by criminals to smuggle things into the US. 60% of all the tunnels discovered by border patrol agents have been discovered in the last 3 years…they are finding a new tunnel every month!

Israeli scientists have discovered a way to discover weapons-smuggling tunnels by using simple fiberoptic cables. The tunnels are crucial to Hamas’ war efforts because that is how they get their long-range rockets and antiarmor weapons into Gaza from tunnels under the border with Egypt:

Two US senators are trying to get a boycott of companies that sell equipment to help the Iranian government spy on its citizens:

NASA has selected a team led by Raytheon Company (NYSE: RTN) to develop enhancements to the system-wide modeling and simulation capability in the Airspace Concepts Evaluation System, or ACES.
Raytheon won a $29.1 million contract from NASA to develop next-generation modeling and simulation capability for the Airspace Concepts Evaluation System:

Motorola is targeting its Android-based phones for the low- to mid-range market, which could be a great niche for an Android smartphone. Making an Android-based smartphone for $299 *before* carrier subsidies could allow for the phone to really undercut smartphone prices from competitors:

I think that it is great that TerreStar Networks’ satellite is so powerful that they can use regular cell phone form factors instead of the large antennas traditionally found on satellite phones. By the end of this year AT&T customers should be able to buy an HSPA phone that also uses the TerreStar satellite when out of range of AT&Ts network:

Comcast will be the first major cable TV company to launch mobile WiMAX service. I would LOVE for this service to be available to me–for $49.99 per month (less than what I pay right now for my cable modem), they give 12 Mbps home internet access (faster than I get!), a free WiFi router, and mobile WiMAX service that provides up to 4 Mbps download speed. Portland is the first test market for the service:
Press release

Nearly half of households with Dish Network have DVRs, and Dish will soon have the ability to send addressable ads to those DVRs…in other words, different subscribers would see different TV commercials, with the commercials customized for them. This would bring in more advertising revenue and possibly even make the commercials more useful for viewers:

TV advertisers are really worried about people (like me!) that skip all the commercials with their DVR…but they haven’t figured out a way to do to reduce that impact on their advertising revenue:

Series of studies found that people will keep their broadband internet access even during a major recession, and they will cut back on travel, entertainment and eating out rather than cut back on high speed internet access:

Burglars in Florida stole from 9 cars and then asked a Sheriff deputy for a ride home at 4am…all 9 cars were left unlocked overnight:

Classic story of an IT department being called to fix a printer that wouldn’t print:

Couple got into an argument and started throwing Cheetos at each other…and BOTH of them are now charged with domestic assault:

The Hawaii State Legislature passed a law that will collect sales tax on Amazon purchases shipped to Hawaii as of tomorrow…so, today Amazon dumped all of its Hawaii-based affiliates:
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