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July 2, 2009

LOTD for July 1

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A protein found in bats might explain why they live significantly longer than other mammals of comparable size, with scientists trying to figure out how to get people to age more slowly:
Article link

Spanish researchers have developed a method for giving humans that biosonar that bats use to fly at night. They say that in the future they will enable people to “see” through fog or smoke, and even through solid walls, floors or ceilings:

Underwater laser networking and imaging technology may be used to protect the US coastline:

Scientists have developed a robot rat that can find and identify objects using its whiskers:

The global economic downturn resulted in a forecast of over 1 billion less cell phones sold over the next 5 years:
Article link

US “vulture” private-equity fund is going to bid against Nokia for Nortel assets:

14-year-old girl is the only known survivor of a plane that crashed into the Indian Ocean….she can’t swim and didn’t have a life jacket and was found in shark-infested waters surrounded by oil and dead bodies:

Man smoked pot and then called 911 to ask for a police escort to help him get to a rap concert…

For Lori: Simon Cowell apparently has been offered up to $144 million per year (really just 4 to 5 months!) to be a judge on American Idol:


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