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July 11, 2009

LOTD for July 11

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The Milan trade fair is commissioning the world’s biggest rooftop solar power installation–270,000 square meters and a peak capacity of at least 18 megawatts (the current world record is 12 MW):

Mother failed to notice when her 2-year-old son FELL OUT OF HER SPEEDING CAR! Her older son told her that his brother fell out of the car, but she ignored him and didn’t bother to look in the back seat to check. She drove all the way home and then saw that his car seat was empty…luckily, the car behind her on the freeway stopped an inch or two before running the 2-year-old over and had already called for medical assistance and called police:

This really disturbs (but does not surprise) me…studies have found that Asian-American (they studied Chinese, Korean, and Asian Indian) parents have been using abortion to avoid having girls. One clinic has been advertising in Indian- and Chinese-language newspapers in the US that they can let parents choose the sex of their baby, with one going so far as advertising that parents could select the eye color, hair color, and complexion of their babies:

Guatamala has been hit really hard by the swine flu–they closed all of their schools for at least 3 weeks and had to shut down nearly all public venues in two towns:

Dog wandered away from his owner and got stoned on a large amount of pot…his owner told police where the pot was and joked that the police could borrow her dog if they paid her $1500 vet bill:

California lawyer won a $510,000 lawsuit against the Oakland A’s because they “discriminated” against men by giving away a floppy plaid sun hat for Mother’s Day during an event that promoted breast-cancer awareness and gave free mamograms. He’s filed over 40 lawsuits for ladies-only promotions, so this is his business I guess (lawyers got $255,000 of the $510,000 settlement). He flew from San Diego to Oakland to attend this game on Mother’s Day just so he could file his lawsuit:

Woman in Riverside County got a HUGE surprise when her 3 chihuahuas woke her up with their barking…the 3-pound chihuahuas had cornered an adult mountain lion in her garage and kept the mountain lion there for 45 minutes until police arrived:,0,224308.story

Two Elementary Schools in Southern California discovered that their school days were 5 to 10 minutes shorter than the state legally allows, so they have to spend $200k on teachers and other costs to get the kids to attend summer school for 34 days! Since attendance cannot be enforced and report cards have already been sent out, only about 50 of their 280 students have been showing up each day:


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