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July 13, 2009

LOTD for July 13

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Lori and I saw the new Harry Potter movie today…thank you to my local paper for the free tickets!

The World Health Organization now says that the swine flu pandemic is unstoppable and all countries around the world will need access to vaccines for it:

Unfortunately, the fastest growing vaccine strain for the swine flu grows only half as fast as ordinary vaccine viruses, possibly delaying the vaccine delivery for 5 months:

Pretty amazing that this company’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) power plant has the potential to actually create “carbon negative” power plants. A CCS power plant using a mixture of coal and sustainably harvested wood could generate power while actually *reducing* the amount of greenhouse gas in the air:

Article about how it might be a good option to go to an All-Navy Missile Shield:

The CIA had a plan to dispatch small hit squads to assassinate al Qaeda leaders, but it turned out too difficult to actually implement so UAVs continue to be used instead. I like the quote “It sounds great in the movies, but when you try to do it, it’s not that easy”:

One official points out that collateral damage would be much lower with hit squads instead of UAVs, which is true. However, it does not appear that the plans were close to being implemented, possibly because of the logistical problems:

Bullet fingerprinting technology will probably show up in CSI next year…it is a method to “visualize fingerprints” even after the fingerprint itself has been removed. Currently, police can obtain fingerprints from bullets less than 1% of the time, so some new technology is needed here!

Wells Fargo is *suing itself* in a mortgage foreclosure case:

Ericsson will spend $1.5 billion on LTE R&D in South Korea over the next 5 years, going from 80 people today in South Korea to 1,000 people! Given the size of the work force in South Korea, that is a *huge* boost for their economy!

It looks like the iPhone will get to China 3 months earlier than expected. It will apparently not have WiFi, as the Chinese government fought against that and Apple couldn’t convince them to keep the WiFi:

The BlackBerry Storm 2 for Verizon will apparently have WiFi, more memory…and may be coming to AT&T soon:

It is sad to read that just 10% of the 140 million cellphones replaced each year are recycled:

New York’s MTA is studying how it could deploy WiFi on commuter trains:

True IT Confessions: classic examples of mistakes by IT professionals:

Interesting feature article about the events that led to Gov. Palin’s resignation. I didn’t realize that the Republican-controlled legislature in Alaska had turned against her:

Philadelphia man agreed to take anger management classes after he blasted a porno sountrack to chase away kids playing outside his home:
Article link

15-year-old girl was walking while texting and fell into an open sewer via an unattended manhole!

For Eric, Ben and Julie–Apparently the next *two* Survivor seasons will be filmed in Samoa, with the Fall season being a regular season and the Spring season being a “Heroes vs. Villians” All-Star version. This news leaked out because Richard Hatch had to ask a judge if he could end his home confinement early to participate in the show (the judge said no):

For Lori–Ryan Seacrest signed a 3-year, $45 million contract to continue to host American Idol:


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