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July 17, 2009

LOTD for July 17

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Florida robotics company had to issue a press release to deny media reports that its robots ate human bodies:

Air Force study suggests that the future of the Air Force might have robotic planes replacing *every* type of manned aircraft…no pilots in any Air Force plane!

Another article about how NASA copied over the tapes that had the first moonwalk and describing how a Hollywood special-effects company is trying to restore the footage by combining footage from four secondary sources:

Researchers have developed a way to create houses out of *straw* that could be the way that buildings are made in the future. Straw is a renewable resource and a by-product of farming, absorbs CO2 as it grows (negative carbon footprint buildings may be possible), and its high insulating properties mean that its houses need almost no conventional heating (saving money and helping the environment). But kids growing up in a straw house would sure get confused by a certain children’s story…

Breakthrough drug offers protection from radiation if a nuclear or dirty bomb attack takes place:

GE research project is working to let homeowners cut annual energy consumption to zero by 2015, using a combination of solar or wind energy with energy-efficient appliances and on-site storage. The premium of $10 for more efficient, networked appliances isn’t that bad. GE says that a net-zero home would cost about 10% more than a regular home by 2015:

Researchers have discovered why dachshunds and some other dogs have short legs:

For the first time, the Korea government has chosen a US University to lead one of its R&D programs–Georgia Tech will lead the $9 million effort to create all-inclusive multimedia systems. This will enable agents in our TVs, phones, cameras, and other media to learn about a user’s preferences:

Northrop got a $280 million contract for their BACN program that will serve as a “universal translator” that will enable UAVs, jets, and ground forces to communicate with each other:

iPhone scored the highest in a survey of smartphone owner’s loyalty and user satisfaction. Even more amazing is that 97% of iPhone owners would recommend their phone to someone else:

Former Colorado Department of Revenue supervisor says that love for her ex-boyfriend led her to steal $11 million in unclaimed tax refunds from the state. She said that she was trying to get him to leave his wife–he did not, though he did keep the money and he apparently didn’t spend much of the $11 million on her:


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